Going from concept to code

We love to work with you to turn your ideas into code. We use a proven structured process to get your idea implemented quickly.

1. Requirements Gathering

We take an active role in requirements gathering to understand both your requirements and set the right expectations early on.

2. Defining the Scope

What is it we are building and what are we delivering. It's all about getting the must, shoulds and maybes clear so we can create a great product that works for your customer and yourself.

3. Function Design

Working the requirements and scope into functions that work for your customers. We evaluate the knows and unknowns to evaluate risk to the overall success of the project.

4. Technical Design

Putting all the above into a technical blueprint the developers are confident to execute is an invaluable step in the whole process.

5. Testing

Things brake and that is just a fact of software development. To mitigate this risk and deliver quality software we adhere to the test driven development methodology.

6. Delivery and Maintenance

We deliver your solution so spec and are here to help keep the solution and underlining infrastructure running.

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